Arlington Fire District, Poughkeepsie NY

The Arlington Fire District located in Dutchess County,  New York, is one of three fire departments that serve the Town of Poughkeepsie. Around the clock fire protection and advanced life support medical services are provided to a mix use of residential, industrial and commercial properties, major roadways, as well as countless people visiting or traveling through the area. The District is home to many businesses, including International Business Machines Corporation, and renowned educational institutions such as Vassar College, Oakwoods Friends, and Poughkeepsie Day Schools.

On behalf of the Arlington Fire District, welcome to our website and thank you for taking the time to visit.  The men and women of this department consider public service a privilege and recognize our sworn responsibility to help ensure life safety, stabilize incidents, and conserve property.  Since 1922, we have continued to deliver our services in a courteous, expedient and efficient manner.  Simply stated, our personnel care deeply about their duty to serve and value the trust we are given.

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Fire Safety

Winter Safety Tips for the Home

  • Space heaters and heating stoves are used throughout the nation to increase the warmth in rooms. They do the job but can be dangerous. In order to use them safely, follow these guidelines.
  • Never use a fuel burning appliance without proper vents to the outside. Burning fuel (kerosene, coal or propane, for example) produces deadly fumes.
  • Be sure your heater is in good working condition. All room heaters need frequent checkups and cleaning. A dirty or neglected heater is a critical fire hazard.
  • Use only the proper fuel for each heater. Never introduce a fuel into a unit not designed for that fuel.
  • Never quicken a fire with kerosene or gasoline.

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Latest News

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Commerical Ambulance Service to begin January 1, 2017

Have a question about Open Fires?
Please read: Town of Poughkeepsie Town Code §110.16.1 - OPEN FIRES
or call our Fire Prevention Officer, Captain Paul Galletta at (845) 486-6309




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